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4th graders of Elementary School and a Great Pirate Treasure Hunt

As the 4th graders studied Scavenger Hunts in their material, they took part in funny pirate one in the different areas of our school.

In a scavenger hunt, teams race to solve puzzles, riddles, and codes to learn the location of an item. As teams put their heads together, they're learning to work on these roadblocks to succeed as a team and lean on the strengths of various members.

It's an excellent way to engage children with their learning and it offers an element of gamification. They can learn more about letters, numbers, nature, signs and much more. Some further skills they will develop during the hunt are problem-solving, creativity and collaboration.

They are a fun and engaging way to encourage children to be observant and curious about the world around them. Curiosity helps children learn efficiently. It is a novelty detector, driving them to explain the unexpected and resolve uncertainty. Using all of their senses, they explore anything unfamiliar until it is no longer unfamiliar.

Source: Prof. Larissa Pádua Pereira Silveira